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Our Team

Stop Struggling and Start Living!

We consider our group different than many other counseling centers in our area. Though we can manage many general issues, we have extra training and experience with anxiety, ADHD and Aspergers and other other neuro-diverse disabilities. We see children, adolescents and adults. Our approach often includes the family of the client. 

Our Focus

We focus on anxiety which has literally exploded over the last few years. We use a new evidence-based treatment and have been seeing tremendous results. The types of anxiety we are currently seeing include generalized anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks and OCD. Our approach is effective for children and adults. 


We specialize in ADHD where we rely heavily on Russell Barkley’s research and interventions to help children, adolescents and adults. We always include the parents when working with children and adolescents. It is an essential component of the counseling process. We have developed what I call the ADHD Protocol which helps individuals develop habits to address ADHD symptoms The results with college students and adults have been astonishing.


Finally, our Skills 4 Life program provides a plan for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, executive functioning disorders and other neuro-diverse related disabilities to achieve their maximum potential for self-advocacy, self-determination, and independence. We have a combined 45 years of experience in this area. 

Meet The Team

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